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We at Amtele have broad expertise and can deliver products across several industries, ranging from telecommunication and wireless communication to defense and automotive industries, as well as aerospace and space industries.

Amtele Telecommunication


We have extensive experience in telecommunications, including areas such as   3G, 4G, 5G, Microwave Links, and more.  Many products are specially developed for this market where there are high demands on reliability and performance We deliver the latest for development, production, testing, and verification for today’s and future communication systems.

For upcoming 5G systems, we are at the forefront with the latest in thin film technology such as splitters, couplers, and filters. Wide range of highly broadband coaxial components as well as everything within waveguides In our range, you will find, among other things, duplex filters, couplers, switches, dividers, combiners, hybrids, antennas, cables, adapters, amplifiers, lightning protection, etc. We can also develop customized solutions.”


Whether you operate within radar systems, EW systems, radio communication, or avionics, we have the right components and systems for your application Our suppliers are market leaders in their fields and have extensive experience with defence systems Our components include surface-mount, coaxial, and waveguide-based options to meet the specific requirements within the defense industry.

Our range includes radio communication systems, transponder test equipment, signal intelligence technology, as well as radio maintenance solutions. We understand the importance of offering high-performance and reliable systems for the defense industry, and our experience in the field makes us a reliable partner for your needs.



In the aerospace industry, we are your reliable partner for innovative and technologically advanced solutions. We provide advanced test systems for avionics (Nav/Comm, Transponder, GPS, Fuel Test) from Viavi Solutions. Our global support and precise instruments enable testing/calibrating airborne equipment for various avionics systems, both on the ground and in the air.

In our range, you will also find products like Gyron, which are used to determine the position, velocity, and flight attitude of an aircraft in relation to the ground.


In the automotive industry, many new systems are now being introduced in both wireless and radar technology, and the electrification of vehicles imposes new demands on components and systems. For active safety systems and communication systems, we offer a wide range of components in both RF and microwave, both for testing and development.

In the field of electric vehicles and charging stations, we can offer the latest in capacitors with AEC-Q200 approval.

Today’s vehicles contain advanced electronics and therefore require secure control systems with high precision We provide high-quality MLC capacitors and surface-mounted EMI filters tailored to the automotive industry’s high performance and precision requirements.

We also deliver flow measurement solutions for hydrogen and electrified vehicles through our partnerships with companies like Trigas and FTI Flow.


Amtele collaborates with some of the top suppliers in the space industry, thereby contributing expertise and technology to Nordic companies aiming for the stars. The suppliers have extensive experience and deep knowledge in manufacturing systems as well as RF and microwave components such as switches, mixers, filters, capacitors, waveguides, subsystems, amplifiers, and more The components are currently available on a large number of platforms


The development is progressing rapidly with more applications for fast and functional connectivity via wireless systems. The most common standard today is 802.11x, with the fastest being 802.11ac.  Frequencies for these bands are typically at 2.4GHz or 5.8GHz Many systems also connect via Bluetooth, Z-Wave, or Zigbee A new high-speed standard is also on the way, known as WiGig,  operating at the frequency of 60GHz

Amtele serves this market with everything from crystals, oscillators, surface-mounted switches, surface-mounted capacitors, transistors, and more. Also, various components for production testing and lab use.


We offer advanced products and systems for water metering, environmental monitoring, and geotechnical needs. Through our collaborations with leading suppliers, we provide products that meet high standards within these areas.

For water metering, our product portfolio includes advanced instruments and systems for precise measurement and monitoring of water quality and flows In environmental monitoring, we offer sensors and solutions for monitoring and analyzing environmental parameters accurately.

In geotechnical engineering, we provide specialized instruments and equipment for geotechnical measurement and analysis, enabling reliable data collection and assessment.


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