Connectors for most connector types from SMA to 1.0mm including designs for SMP, MMCX and SSMA. From stock deliveries. End launch connectors. 4.3-10 and NEX10.

Spectrum Control’s coaxial adapters and adapter systems are offered as precision In-Series and Between-Series with a variety of connector options and operating ranges from DC to 26.5 GHz.

Planar connectors are typically used as a pair or set which is comprised of two connector subassemblies that have a common mating interface. Generally, a pair contains one floatingblind-mate interface with spring loaded inner/outercontacts and the other is a fixed blind-mate inter-face with fixed inner/outer contacts.

Each connector pair will tolerate typically 0.02 inches per pair radial and axialoffset misalignment and still meet all of its electrical specifications.