IFR6015 Military Flight Line Test

The IFR6015 is a compact, lightweight and weatherproof unit designed for testing Transponder Modes 1,2,3A,C,S, TCAS I, II, and Military E-TCAS, TIS as well as DME/TACAN. IFF Modes 1,2 and TACAN are standard on all new units. 

The VIAVI IFR6015 is a user friendly flight line test set that allows for fast, reliable, and functional testing of military transponder, TCAS and TACAN installed systems.

Referenced in many OEM manuals and supported with procedures, the IFR6015 provides the operator with the confidence necessary for system performance testing.


  • IFF Modes 1 & 2
  • TACAN/DME interrogator testing
  • Military E-TCAS
  • Transponder Auto Test (DO-181E)
  • Automated ADS-B AC 20-165B surface/air performance testing
  • ADS-B (Out) monitor and decode
  • ADS-B (In) target generation
  • UUT parametric tests
  • User programmable TCAS scenarios
  • Altitude encoder
  • Over-the-air, direct, or coupled testing
  • Battery operation six hours plus


  • TACAN ground station simulation
  • Legacy TACAN test set emulation
  • Provides a full FAR Part 43, Appendix F test
  • Verify ADS-B /UAT installed systems
  • With the optional antenna coupler, avoid ATC interference and the need for frequency allocation approval (DD 1494)
  • Performs TACAN/DME testing Ground-to-Air (G/A), Air-to-Air (A/A)Simulate ATCRBS or Mode S intruders for TCAS testing