Spectrum Control Inmet inner DC block have a capacitor in-series with the center conductor which prevents the flow of audio and direct current (DC) frequencies while offering minimum interference to RF signals up to 50GHz; outer DC block have a capacitor in-series with the outer conductor and the inner/outer types have capacitors in-series with both inner and outer conductor

Insulation material on the outer DC block is a PEEK shell.


  • Ground loop elimination
  • Signal source modulation leakage suppression
  • System signal-to-noise ratio improvement
  • Test setup isolation
  • Other situations where undesired DC or audio current flows in the system
SMA General Purpose
ModelFrequency (GHz)VoltType
80370.01-18 GHz200I
80380.01-18 GHz200O
80390.01-18 GHz200I/O
SMA Microminiature General Purpose
ModelFrequency (GHz)VoltType
8055 microminiature0.01-18 GHz200I
8055H microminiature0.01-18 GHz200I
2.9mm General Purpose
ModelFrequency (GHz)VoltType
8060A0.007-26.5 GHz75I
80610.01-26.5 GHz200O
8062A0.01-26.5 GHz200I/O
8141A0.01-40 GHz200I
81420.01-40 GHz200O
8143A0.01-40 GHz200I/O
2.4mm General Purpose
ModelFrequency (GHz)VoltType
81770.01-50 GHz75I
81780.01-50 GHz75O
81790.01-50 GHz75I/O
Type N General Purpose
ModelFrequency (GHz)VoltType
80460.01-18 GHz200I
80470.01-18 GHz200O
80480.01-18 GHz200I/O
BNC General Purpose
ModelFrequency (GHz)VoltType
80800.01-4 GHz200I
80810.01-4 GHz200O
80820.01-4 GHz200I/O
TNC General Purpose
ModelFrequency (GHz)VoltType
80700.01-18 GHz200I
80710.01-18 GHz200O
80720.01-18 GHz200I/O