A range of Double Ridge Calibration Kits has been added to the company’s extensive selection of rectangular waveguide Kits.

The Double Ridge Calibration Kits contain the standards and components required to fully calibrate VNA’s configured for waveguide measurements. Kits are available to suit all models of VNA’s in double ridge waveguide sizes from 3.5 GHz to 40 GHz.

A kit would typically include:

  • Waveguide to Coaxial Adaptors
  • Fixed Terminations
  • Flush Short
  • Offsets
  • Offset Shorts
  • Sliding Termination (optional – depending on analyser type and calibration method)
  • Data disc, hardware and handbook

All the components are supplied in a fitted hardwood case.

Flann | Double Ridge Calibration Kits
ModelWaveguide DesignationFrequency Range (GHz)Calibration Type
WRD200703WRD200D242.0 to 4.8TRL/LRL
WRD200708WRD200D242.0 to 4.8OOL
WRD350703WRD350D243.5 to 8.2TRL/LRL
WRD350708WRD350D243.5 to 8.2OOL
WRD580703WRD580D285.8 to 16.0TRL/LRL
WRD580708WRD580D285.8 to 16.0OOL
WRD650703WRD650D286.5 to 18.0TRL/LRL
WRD650708WRD650D286.5 to 18.0OOL
WRD750703WRD750D247.5 to 18.0TRL/LRL
WRD750708WRD750D247.5 to 18.0OOL
WRD180703WRD180C2418.0 to 40.0TRL/LRL
WRD180708WRD180C2418.0 to 40.0OOL