Coaxial directional couplers

Coaxial Directional Couplers

Coaxial directional couplers are invaluable passive components for signal routing in communications networks and test-and-measurement systems. ARRA offers Broadband Directional Couplers, SMA Directional Couplers and Type N Directional Couplers.

These RF Microwave components, which are available with SMA and Type N coaxial connectors for various frequency ranges and power levels from 0.5 through 18.0 GHz. These devices can sample or couple a small amount of power from a main signal line at typical coupling levels of 6, 10, 20, and 30 dB less than the mainline power level.

ARRA’s high-performance stripline directional couplers maintain high directivity across their frequency ranges, with coupling flatness of ±1 dB or better for most models. The rugged RF/microwave directional couplers handle average (CW) power levels to 50 W and peak power levels to 3 kW with less than 1 dB insertion loss for all models.