Broadband Endlaunch Adaptors | Series 373

Flann is pleased to announce our new line of end waveguide to coaxial adaptors. The Series 373 of end launch adaptors are available in waveguide sizes from WG10 (WR284) to WG29 (WR6)

The compact, precision Flann design keeps costs to a minimum and enables short lead times to be offered. Depending on the operating frequency band, coaxial connectors are available in APC7, Type N, SMA, 2.92, 2.4 mm and 1.85 mm configuration.

Models up to WG19 (WR51) are constructed in aluminium with chromate passivation to the internal surfaces and flange face.

Models WG20 (WR42) to WG29 (WR6) are constructed in brass with gold plate surface treatment. Connectors are stainless steel for all models.

  • Models 2.6 GHz to 173 GHz
  • Low VSWR
  • Low Insertion Loss
  • Connector types include: 7-16 DIN, Type N, K Connector® (2.92 mm), V Connector® (1.85 mm), W1 Connector® (1.00 mm), 0.8 mm
  • Compact design
  • Air line coax construction