These broadband phase shifters use a nontranslating drive knob for phase adjustments and include a calibrated five-digit readout to show phase and reference values.

Phase Shifters: DC-2 GHz, Broadband

Model 3428 Broadband Coaxial Phase Shifter is part of ARRA’s broadband Phase Shifter Series.

ARRA’s broadband phase shifter model 3428 provides increased phase change capability at the low end of the microwave spectrum. Low insertion loss and low VSWR are maintained despite the longer length of travel. Phase change is controlled by means of a non-translating drive knob. A calibrated 5 digit readout ensures high resolution and reference indications. Repeatability and stability of phase setting result from precision design and manufacture.

  • Frequency Range:     DC-4 GHz
  • VSWR:     .3 to 2GHz | 1.5 to 4GHz
  • Insertion Loss:   0.5 dB to 2GHz | 0.75 dB to 4 GHz
  • RF Power:    100 Watts average 5 kW peak
  • Connectors*:    SMA Female standard
  • Control:     1/4″ Non-Translating
  • Material:    Body – Aluminum | Connectors – MIL-C-39012
  • Mounting Provisions:   4 thru holes
  • Finish:    ARRA Blue per MIL-C-22750