Broadband SPST PIN Diode Switches

Broadband PIN Diode Switches

ARRA’s Broadband Pin Diode Switch product provids high-speed control of RF/microwave signals from 100 MHz to 18 GHz.

SPST switch models are available with 10%-to-90% RF transition times of 10 and 50 ns, and at least 30-dB isolation at 100 MHz and as much as 85-dB isolation at higher frequencies.

These durable broadband SPST switches handle 5 W average and 75 W peak power (1-μs pulse width) for 50-ns models and 2 W average and 10 W peak power (1-μs pulse width) for 10-ns models.

Insertion loss is minimized to 1 dB through 2 GHz and 2.5 dB or less through 18 GHz. The minimum VSWR of 1.30:1 and maximum VSWR of 1.90:1 at the highest frequencies for all models. The PIN diode switches, which are available with or without drivers, are equipped with SMA female connectors meeting MIL-C-39012 requirements.