Broadband WG to Coax N Type Adaptors | 093-NF10 Series

The series 093/094-NF broadband Waveguide to Coax Adaptors offer enhanced VSWR performance over the full waveguide frequency band.

Models in WG14 to WG18 feature an improved mechanical design offering greater durability and reliability whilst maintaining existing high performance specifications.

Minor dimensional changes may be incorporated from time to time; please contact our Sales Team for latest information if the space available is limited.

The adaptors are fitted with Type N Female connectors as standard; adaptors fitted with type N male connectors are available to special order, please contact our Sales Team for further details.

Narrowband models covering typically 20% of the full waveguide band with a VSWR of 1.05 are also available. Please see Series 093-NF** and 094-NF** for details.