Ceramic Fixed Band Pass Filters

Ceramic Fixed Bandpass Filters

RF Ceramic Filters are offered in dielectric and connectorized forms, delivering superior high Q performance in a smaller sized package. VHF and UHF in bandpass and band reject designs.

Dielectric resonator filters are available as an open frame or packaged product, supporting narrow bandwidths and low insertion loss, designed for applications requiring superior temperature stability and high Q response.

Packaged RF Ceramic Filters can be sealed to gross or fine leak specifications and are available in connectorized form or with gull-wing or flat pack hermetic pins for input and output connections. The entire line of Ceramic Filters is extremely temperature stable and comes at a lower cost point than other available filters, adding to the overall value of the product.

Affording higher “Q” factors than Lumped Element Filters of a similar size, RF Ceramic Filters offer temperature stability and low insertion loss.

Frequency: VHF and UHF from 0.27 to 3 GHz (L band, S band)

Features: Microwave Ceramic Filters are available in bandwidths from 1% to 30% and configurations of 2 to 12 sections in a metal enclosure or open frame design. RF Ceramic Filters are available in a Q range of 500 to 1500 with bandpass and band reject designs available.