The DF-A0052 from Alaris Antennas is a high-speed, 3-band, 5- to 3-channel commutating switch intended for switched elements direction finding applications.

The switch accepts three frequency bands, each with 5 antenna elements, and routes any 3 elements of a selected band of 5 elements to any of the 3 outputs. The switch is designed to be mounted internally within the weatherproof cavity of the DF-A0029, DF-A0031 and DFA0037 direction finding antennas.

The switch comprises 5 parallel channels, each equipped with input power limiters, ESD protection, low noise amplifier and band switch. A “calibration band” can also be selected, providing a balanced 5-way split of an internally generated or externally supplied calibration signal, for chain and receiver calibration. Each channel features a low-noise amplifier, within the calibration chain, to help overcome switch and cable loss.

The switch accepts a very wide input voltage range and is controlled via hardwired logic lines or an EIA-485 (RS-485) interface. All switching is solid state for rapid commutation and unlimited switching cycles.

DF-A0051 Features

• 3-band, 5- to 3-channel commutating switch
• Low noise amplifier on each channel
• Wideband internal noise source for chain calibration
• External injection mode for chain calibration
• High-speed solid state switching
• Limiter and ESD protection on each input in order to
allow operation in adverse EM environments