Low Pass Filters eliminate unwanted interference from adjacent channels by passing signals lower than a specified frequency and attenuating those in a higher range.

MPG has been custom designing and manufacturing RF Low Pass Filters to customer electrical mechanical and environmental specifications for over 50 years. Our industry experience in construction and design ensures a durable and economical Low Pass Filter product applicable for environments where strong selectivity is needed.

RF Low Pass Filters are available in a number of technologies, including Lumped Component, Tubular, Suspended Substrate,Thin Film, Waveguide, and Mixed Technology.

MPG Low Pass Filters can be purpose-built.

  • RF Low Pass Filter frequency: HF, VHF and UHF from .0001 GHz to 20 GHZ (L band, S band, C band, X band, Ku band, K band)
  • RF Low Pass Filter features: Low Pass Filters provide strong selectivity in lower frequencies, supporting bandwidths from 2% to 200%, in configurations of 2 to 10 sections. Filters are available in a Q range of .5 GHz to 20 GHz.