A 402 Series SPDT High Power Coaxial Switch SPDT High Power Coaxial switches-402 series

High Power Coax SPDT Switches

Our High Power Coax SPDT Switches support maximum VSWR ranging from 1.1 to 1.95 with minimum isolation ranges from 55 dB to 85 dB and a max insertion loss from .1 dB to .8 dB, depending on configuration.High Power Coaxial Switches route RF signals over a broad bandwidth from DC – 12.4 GHz

High Power Coaxial SPDT Switches, 402 Series

High power, unterminated single pole double throw with TNC or N female connectors. Failsafe actuator.

  • Frequency Range: DC-12.4GHz
  • Lifecycles: 1M minimum
  • Configurations: High power, extended temperature, connector type, voltage, actuator, and circuit options available.