The MINI-POLE® Series of tunable filters is optimized for size, RF power handling, low distortion, and exceptional selectivity. The product line includes several standard designs in various bands to support a myriad of applications.

  • Frequency Range: HF, UHF, VHF in bandpass and band reject or notch configurations
  • Bandwidth: 3.2%-21.7%

Tunable to a maximum of 251 tune positions per band, the MINI-POLE® narrowband series of Tunable Filters offers small package sizing highly suited to tight configurations.

The MINI-POLE® Filter is widely used where adjacent radio channels may cause interference on the acquisition channels but is flexible enough to fit a wide variety of applications where small size, as well as high power and performance are required.

With high power in a small package, the MINI-POLE® Tunable Filter offers the following advantages:

  • The MINI-POLE® uses a high Q factor, pin diode switched capacitor array with a customized high voltage driver to accurately and reliably tune to pre-defined frequencies.
  • Over the –40 to +85°C temperature range, filters will exhibit a temperature drift of less than 80 PPM/°C, or a total of less than ±0.5% of the center frequency.
  • Up to +30 dBm CW continuous in-band power handling
  • Up to +37 dBm CW continuous out-of-band power handling