Air trafic control rotary joints

Radar Rotary Joints for Air Traffic Control

Diamond Antenna & Microwave is a global market leader for the supply of Air Traffic Control (ATC) radar rotary jointss and integrated rotating subsystems. 

Standard and custom rotary joint designs available for Primary Surveillance Radar (L and S-Band PSR) and Secondary Surveillance Radar (SSR)

  • PRS (En-route and terminal) designs available in multi-channel integrated rotary joint sybsystems with high power RF channels, coaxial / SSR .RG channels, integrated Slip Ring / Roll Ring and azimuth positioning with encoder / serolver / Inductosyn.
  • SSR (Mode-S) 3 channel L-Band coaxial designs with RF only and designs integrating encoders, Slip Ring / Roll-Ring, and fiber optic channels.

Design flexibility inkluding commercial and military-spec requirement.

Electrical parameters incl. power ratings, isolation, losses and variation in rotation are specified for each unit.

Machanical and environmental parameters including torque, temperature leak rate, shock and vibration requirements, and exact customer inferface dimensions may be specified based on customer requirements.

  • Diamond Antenna ATC Series 2355: Secondary Surveillance Radar (SSR) 3-Channel Rotary Joint
  • Diamond Antenna ATC Series 2620: Primary & Secondary Surveillance Radar Rotary Joint, 6-channels, S-Band / L-band
  • Diamond Antenna ATC Series 2700: En-Route ATC Radar Rotary Joint, 7-channels, L-band
  • Diamond Antenna ATC Series 2920: Primary & Secondary Surveillance ATC  Radar Rotary Joint, 9-channels, S-Band / L-band