Primary Focus Reflector Antennas

Dual Linear Polarization Prime Focus Parobolic Antenna Operating From 12 to 16GHz With a Nominal 24dB Gain With SMA Female Connector

Dual Linear polarization prime focus parabolic antenna PW-12000-16000, operating from 12 to 16 GHz with a nominal 24dB gain and low VSWR 3.5:1 with SMA Female output connector. The model PW-12000-16000 has a main reflector with a diameter of 13.1 inch(333mm) and a dual polarization feedhorn antenna. The model PW-12000-16000 has uniform gain through its frequency span, providing efficient performance characteristics and directionality. The model exhibits a typical maximum crosspolar level of -40dB and a low sidelobe of -17 dB. This antenna has dual linear polarization and ideally suited for antenna measurement, high-capacity data links at the high frequency bands, high gain application, system intergration, material measurement and other applications.

Cassegrain Reflector Antennas

KSC series Cassegrain antenna is a kind of back-feed parabolic antenna, which consists of a conical feed horn antenna, a main parabolic and a secondary reflector.

The feed and main parabolic are designed to maximize efficiency while reducing the blockage to the minimum. The secondary reflector is specially manufactured to have the best reflecting surface at the highest frequencies. The entire antenna is designed with rugged mechanical structure.

KSC series antennas have uniform high gain in the whole frequency band, which can provide efficient performance characteristics and directivity. The antenna can support both linear and circular polarized waveforms, and are widely used in antenna measurement, high-capacity data links at the high frequency bands, 5G systems, high gain applications, system integration, material property measurement and other applications.