High caliber Solid State Switch Matrices

Solid State Switch Matrices

Utilizing our skill and knowledge in frequency routing and mitigation, we have designed high caliber Solid State Switch Matrices capable of switching a single input signal to all output ports simultaneously. Our Solid State solutions support up to 40 GHz and include PIN diode and FET based devices, delivering high-power-low video leakage/switching transients, fast switching speeds, high isolation and absorptive designs.


  • Non-blocking full fan-out switching system
  • High linearity amplifiers to compensate for system insertion loss
  • Redundant power supplies with LED monitoring on front panel
  • Removable hard drive
  • LCD touch screen
  • Ethernet remote control
  • Fast switching speeds up to 10 ms
  • Ultra-long lifecycle
  • Built-in temperature stability
  • Signal routing across typical frequency bands, including HF, IF, VHF, L, S and broadband