Diamond Antenna Space Prorgram

Space-Qualified Rotary Joints

For over 35 years, Diamond Antenna and Microwave has designed, manufactured and delivered high performance space-qualified rotary joints to multiple worldwide programs. 

Designs for commercial and military communications, meteoroligical studies and space-based radar.

Space rotary joint designs are qualified to:

  • NASA Standards
  • ESA Standards
  • Other international Space Agency Standards

Waveguide and coaxial rotary joint designs including integrated waveguide and interconnecting cables.

Design flexibility inkluding commercial and military-spec requirement.

Electrical parameters incl. power ratings, isolation, losses and variation in rotation are specified for each unit.

Machanical and environmental parameters including torque, temperature leak rate, shock and vibration requirements, and exact customer inferface dimensions may be specified based on customer requirements.

Full design, analysis, manufacturing, class 100 Laminar flow bench assembly, qualification and final testing with complete SDRL documentation packages based on customer requirements.

  • Diamond Antenna Space Program: Dual-Channel X-band Coaxial SMA (Non-contacting) rotary joint
  • Diamond Antenna Space Program: WR-112 and WR-28 Dual Channel – Dual Axis Rotary Joint
  • Diamond Antenna Space Program: WR-51 Dual Channel Rotary Joint
  • Diamond Antenna Space X-Band Program: Dual Channel SMA (Non-contacting) X-band Coaxial  rotary joint