MAP-2100 is based on the MTS-5800 family, which is the industry’s most popular instrument series for transmission testing. It not only handles all PDH/SDH and Ethernet tests up to 100G but is also prepared to handle future protocol variations.

The difference from MTS-5800 is that MAP-2100 is rack-mounted for lab and production environments as well as for remote monitoring in operator networks. Developing and testing new generation technologies such as 100G Ethernet requires test solutions that cover multiple technologies, network layers, and services.

VIAVI’s flexible testers minimize the total number of tools and test scripts that need to be developed, improving efficiency and saving space. Additionally, the same tests can be performed in the field with MTS-5800 if needed.

The other major use case for MAP-2100 is remote monitoring for fast and efficient measurement during installation and troubleshooting in modern communication networks.