The MTS-5800 family is the industry’s most popular instrument series for transmission testing; it not only handles all PDH/SDH and Ethernet tests up to 100G but is also ready to handle future protocol variations. Additionally, the instrument has a good size, a large screen, and a very good GUI.

Delivering next-generation technology such as 100G Ethernet and supporting the installed base of services requires test solutions that cover multiple technologies, network layers, and services. VIAVI’s flexible field test sets minimize the total number of tools and test scripts that technicians must remember, improving efficiency and ultimately providing greater satisfaction to end users.

MTS-5800-100G handheld network testers are the only tools that network technicians and engineers need to install and maintain their networks. It supports both legacy and emerging technologies to handle network applications including metro/core, data center interconnect, and test applications for enterprise services.

T-BERD/MTS-5800 Handheld network tester
is the industry’s smallest 10G handheld instrument and supports testing throughout the lifecycle including fiber characterization, service activation, troubleshooting, and maintenance, just like MTS5800-100G.

TEM Timing Module The field-optimized Timing Extension Module (TEM) helps network operators maintain precise synchronization by providing industry-leading accuracy for field-portable timing and synchronization measurements.