The HBM series of balanced mixers and the HBUC series of balanced upconverters cover the waveguide bands from 18 – 110 GHz.

Both mixer types utilize a low loss quartz structure mated to a matched pair of GaAs Schottky beam lead diodes for minimum conversion loss. Superior LO noise suppression and LO-RF isolation performance are inherent design features. Biased versions are available for both product types for use with lower LO drive levels.

The HBUC upconverters can produce a double sideband output if desired; otherwise, an optional RF filter can be added for SSB operation (and also to further attenuate LO leakage out the RF port).

The HBM12-X4 and HBM12-X6 integrated modules combine the HBM12 mixer with either a X4 or X6 LO multiplier chain in a common housing, reducing both size/weight and cost without sacrificing performance.