Selective and wideband measurement of magnetic and electric near and far fields in the RF range.

Frequency selective measuring system for electric and magnetic fields. As well as for workplace safety applications in industry, the EHP-200A/AC is also ideal for determining the near and far fields of broadcasting transmitters.

The EHP-200A/AC can be used to demonstrate safety around large scale antenna arrays, check the actual transmitted power in the actual direction of radiation, test the function of the transmitting antennas, and determine the border between the near and far field regions.

  • Calculation of characteristic impedance
  • Particularly suitable for evaluating irregular near field regions around larger scale broadcasting antenna arrays
  • Control via PC software or via an optional display unit
  • Evaluation of measurement results according to the new ICNIRP 2020 limits
  • Auxiliary connection for spectrum analysis of external signals
  • Separate display of field strength for the three axes and the overall value
  • Integrated preamplifier
  • Optical cable connection to PC (USB)