Isotropic measurement of electric and magnetic ELF fields

Frequency selective FFT measuring system with high dynamic range for electric and magnetic fields from 1 Hz to 400 kHz. Sensors in all three spatial directions deliver isotropic results for selective and wideband measurements.

Uses the Weighted Peak method for standard-compliant measurement of complex signals. This method, patented by Narda, evaluates the signal by means of mathematical convolution in the time domain. The result is the direct display of the exposure as a percentage of the limit value. This makes the application particularly quick and easy to use. Weighted Peak is the basis of the limit value curves of the most important standards.

ARPANSA RP3, occupational
Canada Safety Code 6 (2015)
EMF Directive 2013/35/EU
FCC 1997 occupational / controlled
ICNIRP 1998 occupational
IEEE C95.1-2005/ANSI C95.1-2005 controlled
Japan RCR-38 controlled


  • Automatic evaluation of exposure frequencies according to human safety standard
  • LCD on top of casing can be seen at a glance
  • Display of distribution of high and low frequency components (1 GHz transition)
  • Data logger option
  • USB interface for battery charging and downloading measurement data
  • Calibration interval: 4 years for Mainframe and 2 years for Sensors
  • ELF immune up to 100 kV/m