Magnetic field meter for fields from 0 Hz (DC) to 1 kHz.

The meter includes a very powerful FFT analyzer that allows signal analysis in both the time and the frequency domains. The fast signal processing allows detailed, highly accurate gap-free analysis of the frequency spectrum.
The results can be displayed as a live spectrum, as a spectrogram versus time, or as a three-dimensional waterfall diagram. A built-in narrow band filter in the range 0 Hz to 1Hz is particularly suitable for standard-compliant measurements according to human safety standards.
The HP-01 is operated using the HP01-TS software supplied. An optical cable (10 m long) with USB adapter links the measuring device to the PC. This can be extended to 50 m with cables, available as options. Alternatively, the operation can also be carried out via the NBM-550 measuring device.

For operation in fields up to 30 mT, the HP-01 can alternatively be mounted directly on the NBM-550 using the therefore intended threaded coupling adapter. When measuring with a long fiber optic cable the HP-01 can be mounted on a tripod, using the tripod support.

  • Field exposure evaluation according to current standards and regulations such as Directive 2013/35/EU for workplaces
  • Frequency-selective and wideband measurement of magnetic fields from 0 Hz to 1000 Hz
  • Non-directional (isotropic) measurement with orthogonally arranged Hall sensors
  • Extremely wide measurement range from 10 µT to 10 T (dynamic range 120 dB)
  • FFT spectrum analysis and time response display
  • Narrow band filter for standard compliant measurement in the range 0 Hz to 1 Hz
  • Optical interface for control by PC or NBM-550