FVAi/FVDi Benchtop Microscopes

FV microscopes equip optical connectivity manufacturers and users with the ability to ensure clean fiber connector end-faces by detecting contamination and defects that are present. Both manufacturers and users of optical connectivity can leverage the benefits of the FV microscopes to ensure end-face cleanliness and quality.

Available in two magnification configurations, 30x (2030) and 400x (2400), FV microscopes give operators the ability to leverage the benefits of each. The 2030 microscope is ideal for confirming connector cleanliness throughout manufacturing process while the 2400 microscope is targeted for high resolution applications including confirming polish quality and certifying connector quality



  • Easily detect contamination and defects on fiber connector end-faces
  • Control end face contamination throughout the entire manufacturing process with the right tool at each stage
  • Improve production yields by eliminating costly component damage
  • Leverage manufacturing efficiencies by automating various procedures
  • Save valuable benchtop space with compact size
  • Certify product quality and maintain digital records


Produktblad FVAi/FVDi