VIAVI OLP/OLS-3xV2 is a series of broadband power meters (OLP) and light sources (OLS) for fast, easy, and convenient measurement of optical power levels and losses in fiber networks. Easy to use for technicians at all skill levels. Robust and compact, they fit perfectly in the pocket and get the job done year after year.

Key Features

  • 1 nm incremental wavelength settings
  • Universal optical interface supports all 2.5 mm with option for 1.25 mm connectors
  • Fiber Tracing – detecting optical light source tone(s) generated by SmartPocket V2 optical light sources
  • Storage for over 1000 test results and PC download capability
  • Bluetooth connectivity to the VIAVI Mobile Tech App
  • 4-way powering – alkaline AA, NiMH AA rechargeable, AC power adapter and power over USB
  • 3-year recalibration period


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