UNIK 5000 is a unique series from Druck of pressure sensors where you can freely choose accuracy, output signal, electrical and mechanical connection and whether you want measured, absolute or differential pressure.

The new series of pressure sensors, pressure transmitters and pressure gauges from Druck provide better performance at lower prices than before. Try the tool where you yourself produce the specification of the pressure gauge you want. It can be a pressure sensor, pressure transmitter, process transmitter, barometer or pressure sensor.

We stock some of the most common pressure transmitters at Amtele. You can also use the data sheet or call us at Amtele, and we will help you choose the right pressure sensor.

The web tool guides you step-by-step through the process of selecting gauge pressure, absolute or differential pressure, output signal, electrical connection, temperature range, accuracy, calibration, Ex certificate and pressure connection thread. Once you have made your selections, you can print or save the specifications and designation. It couldn’t be easier!




Click on product configuration and test for yourself how easy it is to choose the right pressure sensor