Turbine Flowmeters | DM Series

Turbine flowmeters are the best choice for liquid flow measurement when you want high accuracy, fast response time in a compact design.

The DM Series turbine meter is suitable for measuring fuels, coolants and lubricants in the automotive and aviation industries. For measuring and dosing additives in food and medicine. Monitoring and measurement of ultrapure water in research and volume flow in billing measurement, etc.

The perfect solution for liquid measurement applications that require high accuracy, very fast response times and compact design. They provide perfect reliability in continuous operation, even with constant flow changes and fluctuating operating temperatures. They are not sensitive to vibration, shock and humidity.

The DM-Series turbine meters have a wide range of applications. These include monitoring of flow rates of fuels and coolants in engines and engine development, dosing of precise quantities in the food and pharmaceutical industries, monitoring and measurement of ultra-pure water in research and development, quantity measurement for consumption.

The special lightweight version of the DM series was developed for applications with small spaces. Due to the extremely compact design of the housing, the flowmeter installed between two hose ends hardly takes up any space. The stainless-steel DM turbine is significantly lighter than a comparable flowmeter and therefore the first choice for mobile measurement technology, whether in the engine compartment or in the hand luggage on the next flight to the test drive.

Typical applications are measurements of flow rates of fuel, cooling water, engine oil, coolant (for example, R134a)…

Together with the compact and powerful linearization Electronics Lysis measurement turbines can be installed up to 15 meters from the data-logger. Whether truck, car or motorcycle, the DM – Series provides real-time temperature compensation, high accuracy, very fast response, compact design and high reliability at an attractive price-performance ratio.

Available versions:

  • Threaded Connection (AN)
  • Hose Connections (HS-L)
  • Hose Connection Balano (BS)


  • New rotor design for better linearity and 15% less pressure loss
  • Error-free digital pulse output
  • Precision ball bearings for better repeatability and optimal results at lower flow rates
  • Measuring range 0,05 to 1700 l/min
  • Pickoffs with integrated temperature sensors
  • Compatible with Cox AN/ANC and Flow Technology FT/NT Series