MPM489FL is a newly developed pressure transmitter which can meet the application requirements of Oxygen pressure measurement.

The cavity of sensor element is filled with Fluorocarbon oil, the oil-control process is applied in production and the transmitter is cleaned in accordance with the Oxygen Clean Class. It adopts a full stainless-steel housing and an integrated structure. The zero and sensitivity of the sensor are compensated with a wide temperature range, and it has cable and plug connections.


  • Reliable performance, easy application
  • Short protection and reverse polarity protection
  • Reference pressure: gauge, absolute and sealed gauge
  • Fluorocarbon oil-filled sensor element and oil-control process
  • Intrinsic safe version, conforming to Standard GB3836.4,and Exd certificate is approved.
  • Exd version, conforming to Standard GB3836.2, and Exd certificate is approved.
  • Ship-use product conforming to CCS Rules of Classification of Sea-going Steel Ships (2018)
  • CE, RoHS and ATEX approved