Flann Microwave are proud to launch a new range of millimetric waveguide switches to suit the increasing demand for the next stage of 5G, 6G & LEO/MEO satellites and expanding use by Military & Astronomy over 28-500 GHz.

The new 337 series is a range of small, compact, low mass, low inertia, low insertion loss, high power switch with higher isolation and minimal PIM.

One new feature is a simplified drive only requiring DC voltage with electronic sensors for tell-back.

Drive control can be customised to suit bespoke requirements.

H-plane structure allows easy integration with other components, giving the potential to create an entire switching network to include multiple switches, combiners, or filters/diplexers etc.

Rotor & stator are manufactured as single pieces with no contact or joining mechanisms, just two metal components with a sophisticated choked air gap.

The result is a very compact, very robust, perfect waveguide structure.