Magic Tees are devices with four identical guides comprising an E and H plane junction with a common plane of symmetry.

A wave incident at the H-plane port divides equally between the symmetric ports. A wave incident at the E-plane port produces equal amplitude out-of-phase waves at the two symmetric ports. In-phase or out-of-phase waves at the symmetric ports recombine at the E and H-plane ports.

These devices can be used as 3dB power combiners, 3dB power dividers, or as phase combiners. One Magic Tee is a 2-way combiner, and multiple Magic Tees can be joined to form 4, 8 and higher order combiners.


  • Available in all waveguide sizes, including double ridge, covering S-Band to Q-Band
  • Designed using superior matching techniques for stability, repeatability and performance
  • Designed for excellent phase balance, amplitude balance, VSWR, insertion loss and isolation
  • Robust construction for high power applications