Miniature hybrid coupler can be used to equally divide an input signal into two output signals, with either 90-deg. or 180-deg. shift between the outputs.

A hybrid coupler can also combine two input signals while maintaining high isolation between the two. Ideal for commercial, industrial, and military applications, this rugged passive component is available with SMA and Type N coaxial connectors for frequency bands from 0.05 to 18.0 GHz.

ARRA’s miniature 180 degree hybrid couplers and 90 degree hybrid couplers are used in RF and Microwave systems worldwide. These miniature hybrid couplers offer outstanding phase balance between ports, of ±8° through 8 GHz and ±10° through 18 GHz with typical amplitude balance of ±0.5 dB through 18 GHz.

ARRA high performance miniature coaxial hybrid couplers achieve better than 10-dB isolation between ports through 18 GHz, and handle average (CW) power levels to 100 W and peak power levels to 5 kW with less than 1 dB insertion loss for all models.

ARRA’s miniature hybrid coupler product line includes:

  • 180° Miniature Directional Hybrid Couplers
  • 90° Miniature Directional Hybrid Couplers
  • 90° Broadband Miniature Directional Hybrid Couplers