NW-W noise sources

NW-W Millimeter Waveguide Sources

The NW-W noise sources cover all major millimeter waveguide bands with high output, excellent flatness and ripple-free response.

Utilizing millimeter wave noise diodes screened for superior noise characteristics and a microstrip antenna approach, the NW-W is a more stable noise source and a significantly more reliable unit than dated approaches currently on the market.

Designed for both built-in test and laboratory application, these units can also replace outdated gas tube noise sources. Models are available up to 110 GHz (W-band).

Applications include Noise figure measurement, millimeter wave radiometers, automotive radar as well as research and development in modern high frequency broadband wireless communication systems

NW-W noise sources specifications

  • Input power: +28 Vdc at 30mA max
  • Noise Output Variation: < 0.01 dB/ºC, < 0.1 dB/%V
  • Operating Temperature: 0ºC to +85ºC
Noisewave | NW-W noise sources
NW26.5G40-W26.5-4015+/- 0.751.3:1 *WR-28
NW33G50-W33-5015+/- 1.51.3:1 *WR-22
NW40G60-W40-6015+/- 2.01.6:1 *WR-19
NW50G60-W50-6015+/- 2.01.6:1 *WR-19
NW50G75-W50-7515+/- 2.51.6:1 *WR-15
NW60.4G65.4-W-ISO60.4-65.420+/- 1.51.5:1 *WR-12
NW75G83-W-ISO75-8320+/- 3.01.6:1 *WR-12
NW75G110-W75-11015+/- 5.01.6:1 **WR-10