DC-Motor Driven Waveguide Switches

DC Motor Driven Waveguide Switches

The Flann Series 334 DC-Motor driven waveguide switches use the same high-repeatability rotor/stator design as the unrivalled Series 333 switches.

They may be controlled directly by a PC (for example by the standard printer port) or remote buttons and indicators. TTL-level control pins are provided for each of the switch positions: four for 3-channel switches and two for 2-channel switches.

A logic ‘low’ on the appropriate control line causes the switch to move to the corresponding position. Indicator pins are provided for each switch position that indicate ‘high’ when the switch is correctly positioned.

These are capable of sourcing up to 25mA at 5V (more than adequate to directly drive an LED).


• Switching Time < 500 ms
• High Accuracy
• High Repeatability
• High Isolation
• 2 or 3-Channel
• Simple TTL – Level Control & Indicators