Flann full-band OMT’s offer the high performance demanded by today’s communication systems, in which good polarisation purity and isolation are paramount. These instruments have two rectangular ports on adjacent faces, and a common circular port.

The OMT is a bi-directional device which allows signals to be sent from, or received at, the rectangular ports via an antenna supporting dual polarisation (at the common port). ‘

It can also be used to separate the vertical and horizontal components of a circularly polarised or elliptically-polarised wave, or to combine two signals to transmit a circularly or elliptically-polarised wave from a suitable horn antenna.


  • Full waveguide band
  • Models from 33 to 220 GHz
  • High polarisation purity
  • High isolation
  • Circular common port (Square port options are available)


  • For use with dual-polarised antennas
  • For polarisation duplexing
  • CATR – Compact Antenna Test Range
  • 5G and 6G Test Systems