Low Frequency Optical Delay Line (ODL)

Optical Delay Lines Up to 40GHz

High Performance High Frequency Optical Delay Line (ODL) solutions for testing and calibrating radar systems and RF communications

Product Bands
RFoF 12.0GHz high frequency ODL Up to X band (up to 12GHz)
RFoF 18.0GHz high frequency ODL Up to Ku band (up to 18GHz)
RFoF 20.0GHz high frequency ODL Up to K band (up to 20GHz)
RFoF 27.0GHz high frequency ODL Up to K band (up to 27GHz)
RFoF 40.0GHz high frequency ODL Up to Ka band (up to 40GHz)


RFOptic provides any fixed time delay between 1ns and 250μs (fixed).  Under special request, fixed delays above 250μs can also be provided. Most of customers prefer progressive ODL architecture which can provide 2n states. That is a cost effective and compact solution which reduces the number of delay segments while increasing the number of available delay values.

The ODL may be operated as a standalone unit manually controlled from the front panel screen and keys. It can also be controlled externally using a USB or Web based interfaces including REST and HTML.


In general, RFOptic offer two groups of low frequency ODLs:

  • Fixed or progressive ODL covering from 1GHz up to 12GHz or 18GHz with indirect modulation (L, S, C, X, &  Ku bands).
  • Fixed or progressive ODL covering from 1GHz up to 20GHz, up to 27GHz, and up to 40GHz upon request. (K and Ka bands).


Optical Delay Lines features includes

  • Best delay accuracy: <0.5% for delays >1µs
  • Control: Front panel and remote through a USB or Ethernet port
  • Delay range: 1ns to 250μs or more
  • Delay steps: Up to 4,096 delay steps or more
  • High Dynamic Range
  • Switching time under 10 ms as well as under and 100µs upon request