The Flann Series 063 of instrumentsfacilitates the continuous control of phase change over the range 0˚ to 360˚. A ten turn drum scale is linearly calibrated in degrees and indicates differential phase change to a smallest increment of 0.2˚.

The rotary vane phase changer consists of a pair of rectangular to circular, stepped or tapered, electroformed transitions providing good VSWR whilst ensuring minimal overall length. Each transition incorporates a mode suppression vane and dielectric quarter wave plate.

The differential phase change is determined by the relative angular position of the dielectric half wave plate housed in the rotating circular waveguide section. The Rotary Vane Phase Changer is direct reading and frequency insensitive making it suitable for use in microwave bridges and precise phase change measurements.

Rotary Vane Phase Changers from Flann | Features

  • Direct Reading
  • 0˚ – 360˚ Continuous Phase Change
  • High Repeatability
  • Low Insertion Loss

The Flann Series 063