The Flann Series 080 of Variable Attenuators is suitable for applications where calibrated attenuators are not required, such as level-setting or padding.

Models 11A080 to 20080 inclusive
Each unit consists of a length of waveguide with a bearing tube mounted on an external H plane wall. Passing through the tube is a close fitting plunger which carries, and varies the position of, the attenuation element within the waveguide. A locking screw is provided to secure the element at the required position. The attenuating elements are ni-chromed glass.

Model 22080 to 24080
These units are similar to the above but provided with a threaded drive mechanism to the attenuating element and a locking ring for securing at a fixed position. The attenuating element is of ni-chrome evaporated on glass.

Model 25080 to 27080
On these units the attenuating element of ni-chromed glass is introduced into the waveguide via a slot in the broad wall. Vane position is varied by a threaded drive mechanism.

Attenuation Range: 0 dB – 20 dB
VSWR (maximum): 1.10 : 1