Next-generation RFoF modules with significant performance improvement.

Up to S band(up to 3GHz)

  • Next-generation RF-over-Fiber (RFoF) modules with significant performance improvement
  • Supports up to 3.0GHz.
  • Better linearity, excellent gain flatness, and Tx, Rx, and Link gain control.
  • Noise Figure down to 6 dB with LNA with MDS ~-168 dB/Hz for very low incoming signals.
  • Internal microcontroller allows RF and Optical control, enabled by software.
  • End-to-end diagnostics reduces installation andmaintenance  time, enabled by software.
  • Gain variation S21 of ±1 dB for 90°C variation, utilizing special algorithm.
  • Remote management by GUI installed on PC.
  • Impedances of 50 and 75 Ohm.